Parenting Coordination Training – Coming Soon

Our Parenting Coordination training program is designed for mental health professionals who are also certified mediators, and would like to get certified as Parenting Coordinators. Parenting Coordination is a rapidly growing field of professionals who are chosen by the clients but report to the judge, with the goal of assisting high conflict parents in co parenting after divorce. Parenting Coordination is a fascinating and rewarding field.

This is a fascinating, comprehensive, hands on, practical training that will prepare you towards this much desirable career path. The course uses an active blend of recorded lectures, role-plays, videotape analysis and thorough and fascinating written materials.

Our Parenting Coordination Training includes:

  • What is Parenting Coordination?
  • The Impact of High Conflict on the Family System
  • The Child’s Perspective on Divorce
  • Coping Styles of Children
  • The Impact of High Conflict on Children
  • The Evolution of Parenting Coordination
  • Role & Responsibilities
  • Distinctions between a Parenting Coordinator & Other Related Roles
  • Appointment of the Parenting Coordinator
  • How to be an effective Parenting Coordinator
  • Establishing rapport and building trust
  • Understanding and Collaborating with the Legal Profession
  • Implementing and Marketing Your Parenting Coordination Practice
  • Protocol for Different Types of Sessions
  • Dealing with Step-Parents and Significant Others
  • History of Parental Alienation & Visitation Refusal
  • Differentiating Parental Alienation from other types of Visitation Refusal
  • The Alienating Parent
  • The Alienated Child
  • The Targeted Parent
Interventions Designed for Parental Alienation and
  • Visitation Refusal